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Ideas from Ideal
by Rick Dassow, Owner
Ideal Property Management

Fall Pruning Helps Protect Trees and Limbs

Each fall, I receive many calls about tree pruning. Wisconsinites know that heavy, winter snow or a surprise ice storm can be hard on branches, and often cause them to topple or break. It's a special concern, especially if a compromised tree can threaten your roof.

Yet, tree pruning is one chore that many homeowners don't like to tackle themselves, which is why they turn to Ideal's experts for advice and help.

Both fall and early winter are the best times to prune because we can see the overall branch structure easily, and most insects and disease causing organisms are no longer active. The size and type of tree or shrub always determines the type of pruning that's called for, but our crews typically use one or more of these pruning techniques on trees and shrubs:
    pinching -- removing the terminal portion of a succulent, green shoot before it becomes woody and fir

    heading back -- removing dense top growth which reduces sunlight and results in the loss of foliage inside the canopy.

    thinning -- cutting much of the growth to create a more open plant without changing the plant's natural appearance

    renewal pruning -- removing the oldest branches of a shrub by pruning them near the ground, leaving only the younger, more vigorous branches which may also be cut back

    shearing -- cutting the terminal of most shoots with shearing or hedge clippers. This method is typically used for creating formal hedges.

Although certain trees, shrubs and plants may require one method over another, good pruning is usually a combination of several techniques. Because of its subtleties, pruning is an art which should be left to the experts.

As you gaze out of your window, it's best to think of your trees as valuable assets to your landscape. Both deciduous trees and evergreens add character, charm and warmth to a property. Keeping them attractive and healthy always pays off.



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