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     Stone pillars add importance to the look of a garden.

     Brickwork can change the look of a front entry.

    A patio can add outdoor living space to any home.

    Attractive garden features create a feeling of welcome for guests.

     Stones scattered amid plantings provide an attractive dimension.

Ideas from Ideal
by Rick Dassow, Owner
Ideal Property Management

"Landscape professionals with a passion for detail."

"Prime Time" Planning Leads to "Showtime" Results

Over the long Wisconsin winters, people often admit to dreaming of summer -- beautiful landscapes, garden parties and simple outdoor gatherings. So it's not surprising that my phone starts ringing with the first signs of spring.

By late spring each year, Ideal is in "Prime Time" -- sprucing up yards and landscaping for summer activities. And each year, property owners call upon us to enhance their outdoor living spaces with beautiful trees, plants, shrubs and other landscape accents. Early planning is always a good idea.

Regardless of the project's size or time-line, we strive to create a welcoming outdoor living space that can be enjoyed for many years to come. We always start with a listening session....then develop a plan.

Perhaps you'll be hosting a graduation party or summer wedding this year and would like to hold it outside. We'll help you to make your landscape picture-perfect.

For example, we were asked by one of clients to create a beautiful outdoor patio for a family reunion. Nearly 75 people were expected. The project included two walkways and a lighted stone patio surrounded by a perennial garden.

I'm pleased to say that our crews worked diligently with strict attention to detail and everything was ready on time. This project exemplifies Ideal's capabilities and how well we can respond. In summer, 2016, Project Coordinator, Brandon Draves joined our team. Brandon has extensive landscape product knowledge, plus 10 years of hands-on experience in product coordination and customer service. His expertise helps Ideal address client needs even faster than before.

As more and more people discover the benefits of spending time in their own back yards, they want their yards to be welcoming centerpieces for summer activities. Such is the case again this year, as proven by the number of calls we have already received and the number of projects we have on the drawing board.

Those who know me are well-aware of my passsion for landscaping and a love for what I do. And it is exchanging ideas with clients before their projects begin that makes my work both interesting and rewarding.

So if you have an upcoming event or project and need help getting your yard ready for "Show Time," call me today. I would be happy to give you a free consultation and to share ideas with you. Then, should you decide to call upon Ideal, my entire team of professionals will be ready to serve you.


Here are a few ways to add life and charm to your outdoor living space:


Brick Walkways

Accent Walls

Brick Patios

Wooden Decks

Retaining Walls



Wooden Fences

Any time is a good time to think or dream about your landscape. As the old saying goes,

  "Change is good."

Call today for a free consultation.



Natural Stone Adds Warmth and Drama

One way to add unprecedented character and charm to a landscape is with natural stone. It blends into any environment, compliments any style home and it is long-lasting.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of stone available in many colors, so it's easy to find one that matches any color scheme of a house or garden. And stone patios, walkways, accent walls and retaining walls are among Ideal's specialties.

Ideal has been serving clients in Milwaukee's Northshore for over 25 years.

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"Landscape professionals with a passion for detail."