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Ideal's Property Care and Management --
An Attractive Alternative

As a service to clients who prefer to leave their property management and landscape care to an experienced team of experts, Ideal offers custom-made programs to fit any need.

Our specialized Property Management team fills the gap for busy property owners who simply don't have the time to manage their property or who leave town for extended periods of time. A variety of seasonal and year-round programs for both residential and commercial clients are available

Be sure to learn how we can create a program for you.

Put Your Mind at Ease
While We Handle:

Pre-emptive Maintenance

Snow and Ice Control

Routine Property Checks

Gutter Cleaning

Irrigation Management

Lawn Care (cutting, fertilization and weed control)

Horticultural Pruning

Bed Maintenance and Mulching

Consider entrusting your property management agenda to Ideal. Call for a free consultation.

REMINDER -- Be sure to ask about Ideal's Fertilization and Weed Control Program. Our complete lawn and fertilization program includes a series of (5) treatments timed during critical periods throughout the growing season. Ideal provides pertinent information about the timing of each application, its ingredients and its objective.


A Team You Can Rely On

We recognize that entrusting an outside team to take charge of your property when you cannot, requires faith and trust. We've earned both over the years.

Our Property Management experts are trustworthy, capable, detail-oriented men and women who are proud to be a part of the landscape profession.

They take their assignments seriously and keep a watchful eye for potential problems -- then take measures to prevent them. And if a problem should develop, they take care of it right away.

Their good work has contributed to our solid reputation for customer service for over 25 years and has brought us many return clients, numerous referrals and outstanding references. Don't hesitate to ask about our reference portfolio.

Ideal Property Mgmt., Inc.
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"Landscape professionals with a passion for detail."