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Arborvitae -- the "Tree of Life"

I'm often asked whether Arborvitaes are small trees or large shrubs. Although opinions may vary, I always refer to them as trees because they are related to cedars, and because "Arbor Vitae" means "Tree of Life" in Latin.

During my 25+ years in the landscape business, I've had many requests to plant arborvitaes. Many of my clients find them a popular choice because they work well in most any garden or yard. Their wide range of shapes, colors and sizes add to their appeal.

Ideal Property Management has been helping property owners with all of their landscape needs for more than 25 years. If you are considering Arborvitaes for your landscape and would like information or ideas that might work for you, please give me a call. Meanwhile, I've compiled some interesting facts for this website page to get you started.


Green Giant


Emerald Green



Narrow Spike





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Why Arborvitaes?
They have many redeeming qualities. For example, they:

  • are evergreens
  • have dense foliage
  • add privacy
  • are fast-growing
  • come in many shapes and colors
  • can survive our harsh climate
  • can thrive in most any type soil
  • grow well in urns
  • are great accents for entry or patio

Arborvitae Trivia
-- There are five species of Arborvitaes
-- Only two are native to North America
-- The other three come from Eastern Asia.
-- The Thuja (pronounced Thuya) variety is in the cypress family
-- Arborvitaes are similar to cedars but are not cedars
-- Their wood is light, aromatic and repels moths
-- It is used for chests, fence posts, roof shingles and rails

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