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by Rick Dassow, Owner
Ideal Property Management

Your "Magical" Brick Road

After 25+ years in the landscape business, I have many happy recollections about brick roads, as well as brick patios, walkways, garden paths, driveways and entryways.

Over the years I've helped numerous clients enjoy the "magic" of brick and stone of all different colors, and worked with them to build their fairytale landscapes. It has truly been a rewarding experience -- both for them and for me.

Perhaps this is the year you'd like to change your outdoor surroundings with the magic touch of brick and stone. In addition to walks, driveways and social areas, one growing trend is "bringing the indoors out" with brick fire pits, outdoor kitchens and grilling areas. All of these features create an environment which invites enjoyment of the out-of-doors.

I thought it might be helpful to share the advantages of using natural stone instead of manufactured stone for these projects. Natural stone:
  • is quarried directly from the earth
  • has proven durability
  • has inherent color variations which add "depth" to its appearance
  • is more aesthetically pleasing
  • maintains its color even in bright sunlight
  • has a distinctive look and feel
  • is weather-resistant to freeze and thaw
  • needs little to no maintenance
  • may be slightly more expensive, but well-worth the extra money
I generally choose a stone which not only matches the project, but also the style and the color pallette of the home. Even though there is a wide variety to choose from, the most popular are:

Bluestone -- Although "Bluestone" is a type of sandstone named for its deep-blue-color, it also comes in various shades of greyish-blue. It is ideal for walkways, patios and drives because of its non-skid texture when wet. The best known American variety of bluestone is a feldspar-rich type produced in hundreds of small quarries in Pennsylvania and New York.

Eden Stone Landscape Stone -- Typically in the beige tones, Eden Stone is often used to bring a bold, visible statement to a secluded tranquil retreat or a welcoming walkway. Its sawed or irregular shapes create a natural feel in any size environment. Eden Stone is great for lily pads, pavers, steppers and retaining walls. Among other places, this stone is quarried in the Town of Lisbon, near Sussex.

Flagstone -- This very attractive paving material is also very versatile. It is a popular choice for a variety of landscaping projects, including outdoor living spaces, retaining walls and steps. Its earth-tones -- pale red, sandstone and tan -- come from its composition of sandstone and quartz, often infused with silica, iron oxide, or calcite. Its irregular shapes make each finished project look unique.

Cobblestone -- While "Cobblestone" is often associated with streets and roadways, it is also used to accent the turf along driveways, gardens and sitting areas. Cobblestone boulders and bricks come in a variety of textures and colors and are an excellent choice for walkways, retaining walls, pond liners and more. Wisconsin Granite cobblestone, with a pink and blue hue to the granite stone, is the most popular type for residential use.

In addition to these types of stone with their wide range of colors, outcrop stone is sometimes used for special landscape accents and other creative treatment. Check out our Brick and Stone Gallery at Brick and Stone Patios,Walkways and Drives. Or call me to learn more about Ideal Stoneworks and its services.

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