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by Rick Dassow, Owner
Ideal Property Management

A Bluff Project from "A" to "Z" -- It's All in the Details

As a Milwaukee-area landscape contractor for over 25 years, Ideal has served a wide range of clients in many neighborhoods -- particularly in Milwaukee's Northshore. Large estates, business properties and single- and multi-family homes all are in our portfolio.

It's interesting how each property has its own personality and each project its own set of challenges. That's why it's always rewarding to learn just what a home- or business-owner has in mind and then to "deliver" exactly that.

One recent Spring, for example, I was contacted by a client with a beautiful new Lake Drive home atop the bluff of Lake Michigan. Like many lakeside property owners, he faced potential bluff erosion problems, yet wanted lake access.

My assignment was to build a walkway from the top of the bluff to lake level without compromising the bluff itself. The biggest challenge was a sharp drop of about 100 feet, so I knew we would have to take great care in implementing proper landscaping techniques.

Working together with the client, we first identified current and potential erosion problems; then thoughtfully fine-tuned our objectives (to gain beach access, make a lovely walkway and introduce erosion control measures in the process); then we agreed on a number of creative engineering solutions.

Ultimately, we decided on utilizing a step-height of 6" and a combination of graded walkways to make the climb uniform and aesthetically pleasing. Then we drew up an installation plan which included:
  • putting the plan to paper (with geographical grade lines)
  • clearing the bluff
  • grading
  • stabilizing the soil
  • adding washed stone
  • anchoring the walkway framework
  • completing the walkway (made of 40-year treated timbers)
  • adding aesthetic landscape features such as shrubs, plants and rest areas

Typically, phased in projects like these are completed in steps (as shown above) over a period of months. This one was no exception. It was started in June and completed in mid-October. The dramatic photos on this web page illustrate the complexity and scope of the undertaking.

At Ideal Property Management, we pride ourselves on our "passion for detail" in ALL of our projects -- everything from sod restoration to drainage solutions to total landscaping. The bluff walkway project is a fine example of just how much that passion can help achieve the best possible landscape solutions and results.

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