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There's Still Time to "Think Brick and Stone" in 2016

Envision a beautiful new stone entryway......

or classic brick drive.....


.....or design your dream walkway or garden.


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Brick Walkways, Patios and Drives
Add Warmth and Charm to Your Landscape
    by Rick Dassow, Owner
    Ideal Property Management, Inc.

Whenever a client calls to discuss the benefits of brick or stone features in a landscape, I feel a certain sense of excitement that never seems to grow old. That's because over the past 25 + years in the landscape business, I've seen first-hand how "hardscaping" and "landscaping" can work together to enhance a property.

Over those years, I've introduced brick and stone into hundreds of residential landscapes. In each case, these features added warmth and charm to the homes' outdoor environments - and in many cases, functionality as well.

These brick/stone installation projects included stone driveways, walkways pillars and edging, brick patios, firepits, outdoor kitchens and retaining walls......... and much, much more.

So when a client shows interest in brick or stone landscape features, I make it a point to meet and share ideas. These discussions usually address details, so I typically ask questions like these:
  • What kind of project do you have in mind?
  • What size is the area in question?
  • Exactly what will it will be used for?
  • What surrounds it?
  • Is hardscaping appropriate for the space?
  • Are you thinking of brick, or stone?
  • Would you prefer - natural or synthetic?
  • What color palette do you like?
  • Does it complement the home's exterior?
  • What kind of budget is available?
With answers in hand, I then draw up a proposal, create a schematic design and select materials appropriate for the look and feel of the home and yard.

The next step (one of the most rewarding) is our second meeting, where I present my design recommendations, proposal and material samples. The excitement builds as the visuals unfold -- especially when the client sees the design and can envision the end result.

At this point, if the project is a "go," we finalize the choice of brick or stone, decide on the color scheme and discuss any additional landscaping needs the client may have so the work can be done in tandem. It's always rewarding to help the client decide on the final plan, and then to see Ideal's team carry the installation work to its finish.

We invite you to see a visual sampling of some of our projects in a short slide show, and in the "Photo Gallery" section of this website. Both areas showcase some of our past work and may give you ideas for your outdoor living spaces. Then, for more information, give us a call.

Thanks to a loyal following, Ideal Property Management has proudly been serving clients in Milwaukee's Northshore suburbs for more than 25 years. Our business has grown primarily through referrals and on-going requests from satisfied customers....people like you.


by Rick Dassow, Owner
Ideal Property Management

If 2016 is your year for adding brick and stone features to your landscape, now is the time to call Ideal. It's not too late for us to complete the project this year.

Ideal's hardscaping expertise includes walks, driveways and social areas. Another trend is "to bring the indoors out" with brick fire pits, outdoor kitchens and grilling areas.

All of these features create an environment which invites enjoyment of the out-of-doors.

For ideas, and information on the benefits of stone, check out my article above, or to learn about types of stone, check out my article entitled, "A Brick Stone Project." Or, call me for a free consultation. Learn how brick and stone may enhance your property.

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Ideal celebrated its milestone 25th anniversary in 2014.

Thanks to a loyal following, we have proudly been serving clients in Milwaukee's Northshore suburbs for over a quarter-century.

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"Landscape Professionals with a passion for detail."

Grooming Milwaukee's Northshore for over 25 years.

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We have a top-flight team of polite, highly skilled landscape professionals ready to serve you, and equipment to tackle any size project. And, we are fully insured.


"How do I decide on the type of stone for my patio?"

"When is the best time for a spring clean up?

What kinds of trees work best on the shady side of a house?

"How much does a well-landscaped property typically add to the value of a home?"

"I have water problems around my home. How will landscaping affect my water flow issues?"

For answers to these or other questions, or to share ideas, give us a call.

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"Your team was so great, I hated to see them leave."
- A Shorewood Homeowner

"We love our new patio and the beautiful fence you installed for privacy. It dramatically increased our outdoor living space."
- A Whitefish Bay Homeowner